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PA Week 2023

Posted 9 months ago by Gabriel Ibarra

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Thank you all PA's, PA students, PA educators, PA staff supports, and our Physicians for your dedication and care that you provide.  The message is #PAsGoBeyond, to me this means we as a profession have the ability to impact the lives of patients as advocates, leaders, and friends.  Go beyond this week and find that extra gear to deliver everything you can to anyone who is in need of your talents.  Advocate for your patients, there are to National Bills that are desperately needed and are no expansion of scope of practice.  The diabetic shoe Medicare bill and the Federal Work Comp employee bills are a focus of AAPA and MAPA.  As the week goes on we will provide more information about the bills and what we can do to help them pass.  To the tired and courageous students in our two PA Programs, find the extra grind to get the most out of your studies.  Student's please know that you will be a very short time amongst practicing PA's and what you are doing to expand the profession as advocates everywhere you go matters.  Thank you all and lets enjoy the start of PA Week 2023.

Kind regards,

Gabe Ibarra PA-C

MAPA President